Introduction to free football

So the new football season is almost upon us and with it more and better ways to see football games live on your own PC or laptop without paying a penny.  The quality has now improved to near TV quality, so as long as you have a fairly decent broadband connection and the right software you can sit back and enjoy more football than ever before. 

You can get live match feeds for practically any premier league game these days and here at Free Football Online you’ll find all the information you need in order to find your team in action.  This goes for any weekend matches and also mid-week games.

Feeds of the games are shown over the internet through streaming channels and the can be downloaded by anyone with the right software.  Many streams come from foreign TV channel stations and as a result the language of the commentary may vary depending on which one you pick up.  However, you can simply mute the commentary from the video and instead listen to an online English radio station’s commentary instead.   

In the next section were going to show you, with the help of a step by step video, exactly how to get these live match feeds and what you need to do in order to watch them.  

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